“Fine. Let him (them) underestimate me (us). I (we) can work with that.”

Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars fandom) about every single person (fandom) that looks down on her (us). (via nightlocktime)

Anonymous asked: oh bother, that sucks. i still love her though, i doubt she thought about what she was saying fully. and if she did, then that double sucks.

Yeah, you and me booooth.

Anonymous asked: does the kb in the 'kb thinks male rape is funny' tag you made stand for kristen bell? if so can you give a me source to back that up pls?

What’s your favorite episode of Veronica Mars?

I think, for me my favorite episode was…. I won’t know the number but when Veronica goes to deal with the fraternity and it’s around Easter time and there’s a “keister egg”* situation….thought that was really funny. I thought that was funny because….that concept is gross and funny and it made me laugh! [x]

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the show is made by and for a bunch of stereotypical nerd guys for the most part (i mean no real person is a stereotype to a T but you get it) it’s just something you have to try and get past to the real heart of the show and sarah walker herself

Solid advice, I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

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I mean on the show I feel like she uses her sexuality to her advantage? but I can definitely understand yvonne’s discomfort and it doesn’t surprise me at all because schwartz is trash

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yeah I’m on second season, its not slowing down. Like one scene just opened on her underweared ass in bed. I don’t know if I will continue this show its that bad

Ugh, yuck. I’ll still continue because I’ve heard fantastic things about it from friends, but that is definitely disheartening. :( And some replies say it does get better in some capacity as the later seasons go on, so that’s something at least, Claudia.